Malaysia enjoys a strategic location an a year-round tropical climate and situated in the midst of the Asia Pacific region, Malaysia, with 13 states, 3 Federal Territories and 28 million population, Malaysian known as diverse cultural landscape which includes three of Asia's oldest civilization of Malay, Chinese and Indian also the unique ethnic communities Sabah and Sarawak. One of the world's top holiday destinations, Malaysia is filled with a wide variety of unique attractions.-Author

Tourism Malaysia has published a 'Malaysia Travel Guide' for tourists visiting Malaysia. This book provides a comprehensive guide to help tourists to plan their trip to Malaysia as well as to help Malaysians who want to plan their holiday in the country. 

Malaysia Travel Guide contains 108 pages providing complete information on land and air routes, transportation, accommodation, dining, shopping, events & recreation, places to visit throughout the states of Malaysia. This his book is complete with the important numbers to be contacted in case of emergency - hospital, police, ambulance, fire & rescue department, immigration department of Malaysia. It helps tourists in an emergency situation, what they need to do and where they can get help. 

Malaysia Travel Guide is provided free of charge by Tourism Malaysia to tourists and is available at all State Tourism Information Centre and Tourism Malaysia Wilayah. 

A complete map of Malaysia is included at the beginning pages of this book for tourist while every state map given at each state story. It makes it easier for tourists to plan their journey.


Located strategically at the heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia never fails to fascinate. With a social core consisting of the Malays, Chinese and Indians as well as the many indigenous communities of Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia is a unique and inspiring blend of cultures.-Author


Who does not know Malaysia? Malaysia has been known throughout the world with its natural beauty and rapid development, making Malaysia famous in the eyes of the world. Achieving numerous successes in promoting tourism, Malaysia is one of the top destinations in the region and in the world for tourists.

In 2012, the country was named 9th Most Visited Country in the World by the UNWTO and 10th Friendliest Country in the Word by Forbes Online. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital city, was also named 4th Best Shopping City in the World by CNN and 2nd Best Shopping Destination in the Asia Pacific by Globe Shopper Index. - Author

Why Malaysia?

Why Malaysia is one of the popular destinations to visit? For those who still do not know why Malaysia is often chosen by tourists as a holiday destination, it is because of 10 reasons why you should choose Malaysia for your next holiday destination.

  • A myriad of Asian Cultures and more all in one place.
  • Political stability, racial harmony and genuinely warm people.
  • A wealth of natural beauty.
  • Limitless shopping options and duty-free offerings.
  • Home to some of the world's best dive sites.
  • A mild, tropical weather all the year round.
  • Historical and modern buildings standing side-by-side.
  • An enormous range of gastronomical delights at affordable prices.
  • A wide range of accommodation options, from homestays to five-star hotels.
  • A whole host of activities to indulge in - golfing, fishing, angling, sailing, mountain climbing, rafting, birdwatching.
Cannot be denied why Malaysia is one of the great tourist places because of its natural beauty.


Malaysia' Central Region comprises four states of Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.


The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a metropolis city with a globally recognized unique landmark. It is one of the most dynamic cities in Asia, Kuala Lumpur is a multi-racial and cultural area full of diverse entertainment options, attractive attractions, and comprehensive transportation system.

There are fifty-three interesting places in Kuala Lumpur can be visited by tourists including Shopping, Dining, Events & Recreation and Accommodation. Malaysia Travel Guide provides Kuala Lumpur route maps to help tourists when they are here. In addition, there are Petronas Twin Towers, National Museum, KL Tower & Eco Park Forest Park, Merdeka Square, Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park, Central Market and several other places to visit.

Standing at 451.9m, the world-renowned Petronas Twin Towers is KLCC's centrepiece
and one of the country's most famous icons


There are forty-four places of interest in Selangor. Malaysia Travel Guide provides a Selangor route map for travellers' comfort. Known as 'The Gateway to Malaysia', it is home to KLIA's major airports and major ports of the country, Port Klang. Places of interest are Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Firefly Park in Kuala Selangor, National Botanical Gardens in Shah Alam, Homestay in Selangor, Klang Royal Town and several more.


There are forty-one interesting places in Putrajaya that can be visited by tourists including Shopping, Dining, Events & Recreation and Lodging. Malaysia Travel Guide provides Putrajaya route maps for tourist facilities. Putrajaya is the administrative capital of Malaysia. A city with a vision that promises to preserve the nation's heritage for the present and future generations of the nation. Places of interest are Perdana Putra (Prime Minister's Office), Putra Square, Seri Perdana (Prime Minister's Residence, Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC), Park and Homeland and several more.


There are fifty-two places of interest in Negeri Sembilan that can be visited by tourists. Negeri Sembilan is home to the ancient Minangkabau tradition. The only land that uses the Minangkabau dialect and the most popular traditional 'Masak Lemak Cili Api'.

Differentiated by the Minangkabau architecture of its distinctive roof design resembling the horns of buffalo, Negeri Sembilan literally means 'Nine States' referring to the nine districts or districts that once formed the Negeri Sembilan federation. 

The Nine States are Seremban, Port Dickson, Jelebu, Jempol, Kuala Pilah, Rembau, Tampin, Sg Ujong, and  Johol. Malaysia Travel Guide provides Negeri Sembilan route map for the convenience. The most popular places to be visited are Port Dickson, The Royal Museum of Seri Menanti, Homestay, Recreational Forests, Negeri Sembilan Museum Complex and others.


Southern Region comprising the States Of Melaka and Johor


The state of Melaka has 12 districts with various tourist spots. The rich country with the history of the Malay sultanates has its own story in every district. Melaka was awarded as UNESCO World Heritage City for having a history of the sixth century. More than fifty-seven places to visit among the 12 districts in Melaka.


Situated at the southernmost part of Peninsular Malaysia, Johor is the country's southern gateway. Its strategic location leads to its encouraging growth throughout the years, making it one of the country's most developed states. The Endau Rompin National Park at Mersing is one of the most popular parks is a nature reserve teeming with exotic flora and fauna. While Sultan Iskandar Marine Park comprising 13 of the islands have been gazetted as Marine parks. Iskandar Puteri at Johor Bahru is Johor's new administrative capital adopting 'The World in One City' concept. There are 73 interesting places to be visited at Johor.


Northern Region comprising the States Of Perak, Penang, Kedah & Perlis


Once upon a time, Perak was once a wealthy tin-mining state. Perak means 'silver', is believed to have been derived from the tin-ore deposits that were once abundant in this state. There are 45 interesting places to be visited when you come to Perak. The most popular Island in Perak is Pulau Pangkor located at Manjung District. 

The Island is endowed with scenic fishing villages, beautiful beaches, sparkling turquoise waters and a number of historical attractions such as Dutch Fort and Batu Bersurat (Ancient Inscribed Stone). Perak rainforest Royal Belum's its virgin rainforest possesses a complex ecosystem and unspoiled natural beauty. You can also visit Taiping Zoo which has 180 local and exotic wildlife species. If you are looking for a family vacation and looking for an adventure destination, Los world of Tambun is the best choice in Perak.


Penang, popular as a combination of nature, culture, and history. There are 53 interesting places to visit in Penang. It is connected to Seberang Perai mainland with the longest bridge in Asia. Penang Bridge is the second country's longest bridge at 13.5km is the venue of the annual Penang Bridge International Marathon. 

George Town formerly known as King Gorge III, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage City in 2018 comprising of 14 interesting places can be visited. The city is filled with heritage buildings, historical landmarks and colourful medley from different cultures. You can explore the city by trishaw. Penang National Park at Teluk Bahang is the heart of nature. Home to hundreds of flora and fauna species. Penang Hill is a popular retreat for those who wish to escape the city's blistering heat. Known as Bukit Bendera or Flagstaff Hill soars 833m (2723 feet) above sea level.


Popular with the name of 'Ricebowl of Malaysia', Kedah is the oldest state in Malaysia and rich in archaeology treasures. The state is the main producer of Malaysian rice. There are 29 interesting places to visit including Langkawi Island. Langkawi was known as 'Jewel of Kedah' is one of the most popular holiday destinations. The island is also surrounded by the Mahsuri myth and mystery, making it an attractive and attractive destination.


Perlis, located at northern Malaysia consist of sweeping paddy fields, towering hills and kampung houses. There 24 interesting places to be visits such as caves and lush terrains to explore. Perlis popular with fruit farms and plantations with a variety of tropical fruits and local produce.

The most popular tourist attraction either local or foreign is Padang Besar in Perlis. Known as a border town between Malaysia and Thailand popular as country's premier shopping destinations. The town has two main shopping hubs, Padang Besar Arcade and the duty-free Emas Kerajang Complex.

Tourists who love challenging things, Gua Kelam Recreational Park is the perfect place to explore and experience tremendous experience.


East Coast Region comprising the States Of Pahang, Terengganu & Kelantan


Pahang is known as eco-paradise with nature's richness, two-thirds of the state encompassing its lush rainforest making it an ideal habitat for various exotic plants and wildlife. Consisting of 33 interesting places, there are many places to visit that will not be forgotten when coming home.

Taman Negara Pahang - is over 130 million years of and home to a vast diversity of flora and fauna as well as some amazing natural landscapes. Gunung Tahan, the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia as well as the world's longest canopy walkway are situated in Taman Negara while Cameron Highland is Malaysia's largest hill resort. 


Terengganu is the stage of full of cultural heritage. Referred as "Gem of the East Coast" known as the most beautiful in the world, Terengganu captures the heart and the imagination. More than 36 interesting places to be visited, Terengganu is popular with the beauty of the islands which is the tourist attraction.

Pulau Redang Island is the state's largest island and one of the world's most beautiful islands. Anyone interested in diving, Pulau Redang is the best for you to dive and enjoy the beauty of the ocean as it has 31 spectacular dive sites which include two World War II historic shipwrecks and a black coral garden. 

Pulau Perhentian is a world famous scuba diving paradise. Comprising of two main islands, Pulau Perhentian Besar and Pulau Perhentian Kecil, and surrounded by virgin rainforest with natural beauty, if you are interested in exploring the wonders of the ocean, this island is ideal for snorkelling and diving as it has its own beauty.

Tasik Kenyir, an alternative gateway to Taman Negara. The largest man-made lake in Southeast Asia. Tasik Kenyis is the country's largest hydroelectric dam located. 


Is known as "Negeri Cik Siti Wan Kembang" or its nicknamed "The Cradle of Malay Culture" Kelantan's adherence to is cultural heritage results in a rich tapestry of traditional practices and age-old customs.  There are over 41 places to visit in the state of Kelantan. 

Among the places, you can visit Kuala Koh National Park located in Gua Musang and it is the northern gateway to Taman Negara. There are over 200 species of birds here that make it an ideal spot for birdwatching enthusiasts.

Gunung Stong at Kuala Krai is one of the most popular spots for eco-adventure attraction at Kelantan. Has seven-tiered of waterfall called Jelawang Waterfall, is the highest waterfall in Southeast Asia.


Comprising the states of Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan


Known as 'Land Below The Wind' the state is made up of enchanting tropical islands and lush virgin rainforests making it the perfect destination for eco-adventures. Mount Kinabalu is a mountain in Sabah, Malaysia. While Pulau Sipadan is internationally recognised as one of the world's best diving destinations. The second largest state in Malaysia has six small airports connecting from one region to another. It has over 51 interesting places to visit. Want to know what's in Sabah? Come here and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Mount Kinabalu is UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a wonderful area of ecological treasures with the diversity of plant and animal species. It is protected as Kinabalu Park, a World Heritage Site. Kinabalu is the highest peak in the Borneo Crocker Range and is the highest mountain in the Malay Archipelago and the highest mountain in Malaysia.

Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, and Maliau Basin and Danum Valley are the most popular is the most popular place to be visited by tourists and this experience will not be forgotten.


Sarawak, also known as "Land of Hornbills", the largest State in Malaysia. Populated by 28 ethnic groups, Sarawak is a potpourri of different cultures and lifestyles. Being the largest among 13 other states with the size almost equal to West Malaysia, Sarawak is located in northwest Borneo Island and is bordered by the Malaysian state of Sabah to the northeast, Kalimantan (the Indonesian portion of Borneo) to the south, and Brunei in the north.

There are more than 60 places of interest can be visited, it will be unforgettable memories when you come here. The state with sixteen airports comprises of the International Airport, Domestic Airport and Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) airport connecting between regions.

Sarawak has an equatorial climate with tropical rainforests and abundant animal and plant species. It has several prominent cave systems at Gunung Mulu National ParkRajang River is the longest river in Malaysia; Bakun Dam, one of the largest dams in Southeast Asia, is located on one of its tributaries, the Balui RiverMount Murud is the highest point in Sarawak. Besides that, you can visit Bako National Park, Kuching Waterfront, Sarawak Museum, Sarawak Cultural Village and others.


Labuan is one of the three federal territories of Malaysia which are Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. Surrounded by United Nations Beach, there are thirty-six interesting places to visit. Do not worry about how to get here. Labuan has a domestic airport connecting to other states. 

The most attractions places can be visited such as World War II Memorial is the final resting place of 3908 soldiers who have perished in World War II. Other than that, Surrender Point Memorial Monument where the 37 Japanese Southern Army surrendered to the 9th Division Australian Imperial Forces on 10th of September 1945. 


Blesed with an all-year tropical climate, Malaysia is one of the region's top destination for sun, sea and sand gateways. Flanked by the Straits of Malacca in the west, the South China Sea in the east and the Andaman Sea in the nowtwest, Malaysia boasts some of the most beautiful Islands and beaches in the region. Malaysia is home to hundreds of tropical islands ranging from densely-populated landmasses to unspoilt pristine islets. Characterised by pure sandy beaches and spectacular under water landscapes, they provide the perfect playground for avid snorkellers and scuba divers. - Author

Malaysia Travel Guide book, is about the beauty and uniqueness of Malaysia's nature. Malaysia has a unique sea base. For those who like to dive, it will be fascinated by the discoverable beauty of the ocean, coral reefs and underwater ecosystems. You can visit the State of Terengganu and Sabah which has a beautiful diving area. Redang Marine Park in Terengganu has the largest variety of coral species and numerous dive sites while Labuan Marine Park is famous for its wreck sites. 

Three Island Parks, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and Turtle Islands Park at Sabah Marine Park are world-famous diving sites that feature a variety of colorful sea species. Too many unexplored places. Want to experience this wonderful experience? Learn what's in Malaysia and explore and experience that is not found anywhere else. Travellers, let's come to Malaysia!.

Alongside diving activities around Malaysia's coast, Malaysia is also known as an eco-tourism destination and makes it one of the best places for people wandering in the jungle like camping, climbing, mountain climbing, and rugged and challenging activities. Malaysia is famous for the richness of the diversity of natural beauty with its tropical rainforest has thousands of miracle created by God. 

Not only famous for the beauty and richness of tropical rainforest and strategic landscapes, but Malaysia is also known for its diversity of cultures and heritage. Every state in Malaysia has its own distinctive culture and heritage, including social practices, recreational activities, handicrafts, food, music and other forms of entertainment as a symbol of the uniqueness of the country. Has a history of heritage and heritage as well as ancient historical heritage and the formation of Malaysia still remains to this day to be remembered.

Malaysia is also known worldwide for hosting world-class events such as Formula One Grand Prix, International Dragon Boat Festival, International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) and Le Tour de Langkawi. Not only that, but Malaysia is also known for its sporting and recreational activities that bring many tourists to an unforgettable experience. Like other countries, Malaysia also has many shopping places for tourists to bring home souvenirs as gifts to their relatives as well as memories when returning to their country.

Malaysia Travel Guide provides some tips 'Saying it in Malay' for tourist when they come to Malaysia. This book provides 30 English words translating into Malay words such as 'Welcome = Selamat datang', 'Good morning = Selamat pagi', 'Thank you = Terima kasih' and a variety of words are easy to use to help travelers.

Besides that, the book also includes a brief overview of Malaysians, the culture of life, manner, courtesy, as well as the weather and the environment. 

  • When entering homes or places of worship such as mosques and temples, shoes must be always be removed.
  • Respectful of local customs and traditions while visiting a homestay village.
  • When sitting on the floor, men sit cross-legged while women normally sit with their legs tucked to the side.
  • To use the thumb with the four fingers folded under when pointing.
  • Use the right hand to give or to receive something.
  • Always ask for permission before taking photographs when you are in someone's house.
  • Malaysia has a large Muslim population does, not consume liquor or alcoholic beverages.
  • Malaysia weather is generally warm and suggested to use cotton clothes, rubber shoes, and sun hats.
  • Be respectful when you at public ceremonies.
  • When taking a taxi, it is always best to determine the rate beforehand.
  • National parks are protected areas and visitors are advised to take note of the strict laws that govern these areas.
  • Visitors are advised to practice caution while at the beach especially if there are children. 

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